Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Not In Your Box" Makeup look

Here's an edgy and different look I created using TheBodyNeeds makeup products.The names of the products I used are: Risque,Steal the Night, Iced Red, and Chocolate glitter.
Here is the tutorial to re-create this look:
1. Apply "Risque" to the crease as shown. 2.Next apply cream eyeliner to the inner and outer corner of your eyelid. 3.Blend the color a bit without touching the center. 4.With a pencil brush, apply "Steal the Night" on top of the eyeliner. 5.Using a fluffy brush, apply "Iced Red" and blend it with "Risque". 6.Apply "Stay!" glitter fix on the center of the lid, and apply "chocolate glitter" on top of it. 7.You can stop there for and edgy look, or keep going for a more daring look. 8.with a thin eyeliner brush, use cream or gel eyeliner and draw small strokes. 9.Apply mascara, your look is done.