Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Not In Your Box" Makeup look

Here's an edgy and different look I created using TheBodyNeeds makeup products.The names of the products I used are: Risque,Steal the Night, Iced Red, and Chocolate glitter.
Here is the tutorial to re-create this look:
1. Apply "Risque" to the crease as shown. 2.Next apply cream eyeliner to the inner and outer corner of your eyelid. 3.Blend the color a bit without touching the center. 4.With a pencil brush, apply "Steal the Night" on top of the eyeliner. 5.Using a fluffy brush, apply "Iced Red" and blend it with "Risque". 6.Apply "Stay!" glitter fix on the center of the lid, and apply "chocolate glitter" on top of it. 7.You can stop there for and edgy look, or keep going for a more daring look. 8.with a thin eyeliner brush, use cream or gel eyeliner and draw small strokes. 9.Apply mascara, your look is done.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

All Black & Blued Makeup tutorial

I have recently created a profile on to post my makeup looks and even better I can create photo tutorials for my looks! Find my profile here! This is my newest makeup look: "All Black & Blued". I created this look using all, The Body Needs products, I highly recommend this product, purchase it here:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Reds Red makeup tutorial

Here is a new makeup tutorial for you! is a very dramatic and daring look created using Ben Nye's Lumiere Grande palette which is very pigmented and has some absolutely beautiful colors! It is definitely worth buying.

To purchase this palette or other Ben Nye products go to:

I hope you enjoy it and re-create this look! Dare to be daring!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tech Vamp makeup look!

  This is an edgy and beautiful look! All the shadows and glitter I used are: Gunmetal Gray,Lemon Drop,Steal the Night,Neon Glitter, and Iced Citrus, can be purchased here      TheBodyNeeds Mineral Eye Shadow - Gunmetal Gray

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sweet Fires

Here is a new, dramatic, colorful, and fun look, using Red, Hot pink,peachy gold, a light ivory gold, light pink,and black...hope it inspires you! =)

Minimalist Goth

Pairing Black liner with red on the lips is a popular Gothic look...I love Red and I love black...Here is my lip makeup look =)

Tri-colored Rainbow

In High school I used to do some pretty weird things with my wearing glitter glue as eyeliner and wearing a spectrum of color on my lips...I'm sure lot's of the other kids thought I was funny how nowadays I see tons of the things in makeup, that I did in high school a little over 10 years ago.Well, I became inspired and decided to play with color on my lips...again..haha. Hope you like it! ;)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Red hair update

I've had my hair bright red since July of last year, and I really,really love it! I'm still using the same products to achieve my color, except that I no longer pre-lighten my hair, I just use a 40 volume developer with L'Oreal hicolor highlights dye in magenta. I also use the Quantum dye depositing shampoo, in red (I buy it at sally's) to help maintain my color and to refresh it, I use Manic Panic's dye in Vampire Red. So I really don't have to dye my hair with the permanent dye any more than once every 4-5 weeks. which is how often I would dye it when I had it Jet black anyway.Here are some photos of how my hair looks now...

Jade's new, hair look!

I recently added some color to my daughter's hair, I have done it before, it's kinda our thing, something she earns if she does well in school. I'm not a hair stylist, but I do know how to do some things when it comes to hair, though I strictly only work doing makeup. I wanted to share this look, it's my favorite so far!