Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tri-colored Rainbow

In High school I used to do some pretty weird things with my wearing glitter glue as eyeliner and wearing a spectrum of color on my lips...I'm sure lot's of the other kids thought I was funny how nowadays I see tons of the things in makeup, that I did in high school a little over 10 years ago.Well, I became inspired and decided to play with color on my lips...again..haha. Hope you like it! ;)


  1. How do you find a good lip color for yourself? I mean, i've tried dozens of colors but nothing seems to look right. So I tend to stick with clear lip gloss or chapstick, and its just no fun. : (

    1. I'd say start, with a color that matches your lip color or that is similar...also look at your wardrobe are there reds,pinks,purples that you love to wear?? maybe finding a lip color similar to your clothing would help.

      Finding a great lip color has to do with skin undertones.
      Yellow or warm toned skin, looks better with warmer colors.warmer colors lean towards colors we associate with,yellow,, warm pinks,reds,corals, peachy pinks.
      if you have cool undertones, then cool mauves,rosy pinks,reds with blue undertones.

      I hope this doesn't sound too complicated and is helpful to you in some way.


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