Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nude Noir -- Makeup Tutorial

Here's a cut-crease intense look, Nude paired with black!

Unleashed - Makeup Tutorial

A winged, intensely purple smokey eye also popular this Fall!

Silver Lining- Makeup Tutorial

I was inspired by a fellow artist, she created a gray smokey look with some pink sparkle and her look sprung up an idea to create a look that resembles the silver lining of the clouds which is full of color! =)

Fallen For You -- Makeup Tutorial

Matching the colors of Autumn leaves and great for Fall, is this makeup look!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Eyebrow Tutorial-- for thin brows

There are many techniques for filling ones brows for specific type of brows. This is my current technique, I have very thin eyebrows and I have no choice but to have to fill them in and shape them. I hope this tutorial will be helpful for anyone who's looking for a way to fill their eyebrows.

Space Out! -- makeup tutorial

This look is inspired by outer space! with all its colors and sparkling stars!

Brianna Unique- makeup tutorial

This look was inspired by my beautiful sister, Brianna! =)

Beautiful Simplicity - Makeup Tutorial

One of my friend's requested tutorial for this look, I had posted a picture of myself wearing it and she really liked the look, so here it is! =)