Thursday, January 27, 2011

"LOVE ME RED" Make-up Tutorial

First 2 photos show what I used to create this look.
(1) Line your crease with a red soft pencil and fill the space in.
(2) With a med brush,grab some Matte red shadow and apply it on top of the red pencil,gently dab the color in.
(3)With a soft,very black eye pencil,gently draw a line on your crease right on top of the red color.
(4) with a small smudge brush, pull the black color upwards slightly and create a slight wing on the outer corner.
(5) with the same small smudge brush,apply matte gray over the black and blend gently.
(6) take a Q-tip and lightly blend the gray to soften the line.
(7) with a med. brush apply a matte light nude color on top of the gray shadow to blend the line.Cover the whole top of your lid except the brow bone.
(8) with a crease blending brush, blend the colors sideways.
(9) Take the red pencil, and line the outer lower corner like shown.
(10) take the small smudge brush and apply matte red over the line you just drew, gently pat it on.
(11)With an angled eyeliner brush, grab some matte black shadow and line your crease.
(12)with the same brush line the outer corner of your eye upwards as shown.
(13)with a med. brush, grab some of the nude shade
(14) apply it on top of your crease and blend.
(15) Also apply it to the gap between the black line and the red line as shown.
(16) apply the nude shade under your eye like eyeliner.
(17) Darken your entire water line with a very black eye pencil.
(18) apply the nude shade under the red line.
(19)with a dry angled eyeliner brush, grab dark black shadow and line the top of the red line.
(20)With a big blending brush grab some shimmery white shadow and apply it on your brow bone. with a small brush also apply it on you inner eye corner.
Apply mascara, a nude or natural lip shade, and a peach toned blush and your look is complete!!!


  1. What products did you use?

    1. for this look I used, Coastalscents 88 color eyeshadow palette... =)


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