Friday, March 4, 2011

Analy's Picks: Blue,green,and black smokey eye

~Blue,Green and black smokey eye~

I asked my friends on Facebook if they had any colors they would want to see used on a make-up look. My friend Analy, suggested a blue,green and black smokey eye.With that, I created this look. I put it on a face chart first and then made the video tutorial for it. I have a couple more color suggestion looks to do, but if anyone has any more color picks, let me know!


  1. Is there a specific brushes you use all the time? Does it matter the shape of your eye when applying eyeshadow like you do. Thanks for reply

    1. Right now I use the same brushes I use in the video plus brushes I bought at

      You can apply the colors in the same way I did, just adjust the amount you add depending on how large or small your eyes are.


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