Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today's Look: Sweet Golden Plum

The other night I came up with a color combination I thought would be beautiful, and I was right! yay! It consisted of a light pink,a shimmery gold,matte black, plum and light nude. Here is the look!

For this look I used:
Coastalscents 88 eyeshadow palette
E.L.F. mineral eyeshadow in "Celebrity"


  1. oh yeah! this is great, i love the eye combo

  2. Hi, I am having a hard time getting the eyeliner in the corner of my eyes (near my nose) to come to that nice downwards facing point like yours. Are there any tips you can offer a makeup challenged girl like me? Thanks.

  3. Love the overall look of this, the way you've paired the rich plums with the peach lips is unexpected but so harmonious. Perfect mix of subtle day wear with sultry evening wear. Gorgeous.

  4. love this look, i never would have thought of it myself. gorgous! and the peachy lips are the best pairing. what lipstick is that? thanks

  5. Hello, first of all I love your site! I'm getting married in a few weeks and am using one of your looks for the wedding : ) I love your video tutorials, I'm very much a visual learner. I love this look and was wondering, if you find the time at all, if you wouldn't mind doing a video tutorial for it? Thank you for this site and sharing your make-up artistry! God Bless


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